PP 3034 / PP 3034MICR

Compact Continuous Form Laser Printer

The printer PP 3034 as extension of our family of printers

The PP 3034 is the ideal fanfold laser printer in applications where only limited floor space is available. Based upon a mature, compact print engine and equipped with the proven high performance control unit, the PP 3034 fulfills these requirements and therefore excellently extends the PSi laser printer family. Optionally, a paper stacker can be attached to the PP 3034, derived from the well-known „iPS“ design of the PSi laser printers which stacks up to 2.000 pages without operator involvement.

Also available as MICR Version

The PP 3034 is also available as a MICR version with the model description PP3034 MICR. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is used in many countries around the world for personalisation of checks in financial applications. The PP 3034MICR already includes the MICR Fonts E13B and CMC7.

Also available as IPDS Version

The PP 3034IPDS is the ideal fanfold laser printer for replacing laser or line printers in IBM® host system environments for applications such as list, invoice and label printing, bank statement lists and more.

With the PP 3034IPDS, a powerful printing solution is available with which IPDS or optionally SCS/DCA, AFPDS print data can be output directly.

On the system side, the print data can be used unchanged and no adjustments in software or print management are necessary.

A web-based user interface allows a wide range of adjustments and control of the print applications.