Cheshire label printing

Prinovis set up Cheshire production with PSi Laser GmbH

For 11 years now, Europe’s largest gravure printer has been relying on fanfold printers from PSi Laser GmbH in Siegen.

At four locations in Germany and one in England, Prinovis uses cutting-edge machines to produce a number of high-circulation magazines and periodicals, catalogues, leaflets and brochures. Among them are, for example, weekly magazines like Spiegel and Stern but also TV guides such as HÖRZU and TV Digital. Aside from Auto-Bild, Computer-Bild, Computer Bild Spiele and Prisma magazines, the main focus of the Ahrensburg location lies on production of the TV guides HÖRZU and TV Digital.

Prinovis was established in 2005 as a merger between the German gravure printing business of Gruner + Jahr, Axel Springer and arvato. The name Prinovis therefore stands for competence, quality and innovation, just like the products of PSi Laser GmbH.
“As a ground-breaking traditional company, it is very important to us to be a reliable partner for our customers and to deliver innovative, top-quality solutions. Since we began producing Cheshire labels ourselves, we have relied on the fanfold laser printers of PSi Laser GmbH. Our three PP 4060 printers run absolutely smoothly”, says Stephan Haag, responsible for further processing at Prinovis Ahrensburg. Their confidence in PSi Laser products has already lasted for 11 years, ever since Prinovis Ahrensburg began labelling magazines and catalogues themselves. A monthly production of 10 million labels is the norm here. Not only reliability speaks in favour of the PSi laser products, but also the certification by Deutsche Post DHL, which promises the best quality in label printing. Stephan Haag continues “We promise our customers the best quality, even for high-circulation publications, so our demands on the machines is accordingly high.” Sure enough, the three PP 4060 fanfold laser printers optimized the operations of the company right from the start. The prompt completion of orders is only possible thanks to the flexibility of the fanfold printers and user intervention is hardly necessary due to the high level of process reliability. The printing process is only interrupted when exchanging the consumables. Systems provider Hilker & Pahl, also a partner of PSi Laser GmbH, is in charge of the entire servicing of the three PP 4060 printers on-site at Prinovis. “Due to the process security and simple handling, these machines cause hardly any problems. We always have a backup machine in storage just in case, but we haven’t needed it so far. All three printers are up and running for up to 12 hours a day – trouble-free. That speaks for quality”, says Jens Hilker, managing director of Hilker & Pahl. His company not only handles integration of new systems in the running operations of the customer, but also replacing consumables as quickly as possible – an all-round service which Prinovis Ahrensburg also appreciates. “Thanks to their close proximity in Hamburg, Hilker & Pahl are within easy reach for us. And like the products from PSi Laser, the IT experts at Hilker & Kahl live up to their word”, says Stephan Haag.
At the Prinovis facility in Ahrensberg the magazines are not only printed but are also prepared for direct distribution. For example, aside from printing 10 million address labels every month, Prinovis Ahrensburg also prints 730,000 bundle labels, 22,000 pallet labels and 108,000 so-called odd lots. One of the most important selling points is the personalized addressing with Cheshire labels for distribution of print products. By printing Cheshire labels with the PP 4060 printer, Prinovis is able to use the direct delivery service of Deutsche Post AG. Publishing houses, mail order businesses and lettershops are increasingly using the convenient addressing service (address update service) of Deutsche Post DHL. With the intelligent mailing system PREMIUMADRESS, in addition to the regular address label, extensive customer information can be mapped in a so-called 2D Data Matrix code and at the same time retroactively updated at the addressee’s. Aside from direct distribution via Deutsche Post, shipping is also handled by press wholesalers, Lesezirkel magazine delivery or ex works distribution. In conclusion: Prinovis Ahrensburg not only relies on the process security of the PSi Laser products PP 4060 for their Cheshire labels, but also on the dependable on-site services of their partner Hilker & Pahl. For further information: PSi Laser GmbH Aileen Diener, Marketing, Eiserfelderstr. 316 57080 Siegen phone: +49 271 313 87 105 e-mail: Internet: