PSi laser printers reliably print “digital postage stamp” of Deutsche Post

The high print quality of the PSi fanfold laser printer PP 4060 MailPRO is perfectly suited for printing the new “digital postage stamp” of Deutsche Post. By 2006, this Data Matrix code is set to become the industry standard in data encryption for computerized franking. Aside from postage optimization, the code contains all relevant data for optimized preparation for shipping.

The prerequisite for computerized franking is simply high-performance software that meets the requirements of Deutsche Post. To this end, Deutsche Post offers their own solution with the Mailoptimizer or Mailoptimizer Online, but also recommends suitable cooperation partners.

Ideal for mail shots are solutions which automate the creation of an advertising letter or invoice as much as possible. Together with PrintSoft and Deutsche Post, PSi Laser has already introduced some corresponding demo versions at trade fairs, for example at the 2005 Mailingtage. These included the direct marketing software NEWLEAF with an integrated connection to the MAILOPTIMIZER ONLINE of Deutsche Post and printing using the PP 4060 MailPRO.

In this example, a customized mail shot is created, automated and optimized for distribution. One click starts the XML data transfer to the Mailoptimizer, where sorting, postage optimization and franking with the Matrix code takes place. The entire data sets are not transferred, but rather only the building blocks relevant for sorting and optimizing. The optimized data, including the Data Matrix code, is returned to the customer and sent to the PSi fanfold laser printer PP 4060 MailPRO via NEWLEAF, then printed in the respective address fields.

Crucial for choosing the right printer – aside from other use-specific requirements – is a Data Matrix code in impeccable print quality. Since the laser printers PP 4050 and PP 4060 MailPRO have been certified by Deutsche Post and evaluated accordingly, trouble-free processing can be guaranteed on the basis of first-rate print results.

You can find more information on the printers and data sheets here.