Laser printing instead of line printing

Welcome to the modern age of laser printing

Four times the advantage

Today laser printing is the industry standard for most professional uses, due to its perfect print quality and low costs. Continuous printing is also undergoing a transition from line to laser printing. The reasons for this are convincing: Laser printers that are designed solely for continuous printing reach higher speeds while producing a much better print quality of graphics, logos, OCR scans and barcodes.

Four advantages are realized at once:

  • Avoidance of read errors thanks to the improved print quality of fonts and barcodes
  • Development of new uses
  • Professional impression at the customer’s due to perfect print documents
  • Improved cost-benefit balance through increased flexibility

Flawless printing of logos, graphics, barcodes and forms

While line printing often sets tight limits in design, PSi laser printers provide unlimited options: Practically every font is available and smaller font sizes are also printed with perfect legibility, making even customer mail shots an application option for fanfold laser printers. The straight paper path also allows for trouble-free label printing.

Finally, barcodes and OCR scans can be printed in razor-sharp detail. Read errors are avoided and workflows are economized. The excellent quality of printed graphics – with or without IGP emulation – also enables printing of the entire form on blank paper using data – including logos, company typefaces, lines, highlighted fields and body text. As a result, printed forms can be spared and then printed just-in-time as needed. And even if pre-printed forms are used, a precise print positioning guarantees the perfect copy. The zero-tear-off function also ensures printing without losing forms and prevents wasting of expensive special papers or loss of sensitive data.

Faster, quieter, more efficient printing

PSi laser printers achieve a significantly higher page output than comparable line printers. The fully automatic paper handling requires hardly any user intervention, which leads to significant time saving.

The many design options considerably simplify and rationalize form management and help accelerate workflows.

Thanks to their extremely low noise emission, PSi laser printers do not require a separate workroom. Their space requirements are also minimal due to their compact design. PSi laser printers are also mobile and can adjust easily to changing setup conditions.

Laser printers from PSi Laser: