PP 4060 / PP 4060MICR /

Two-Up continous forms laser printer

The Fanfold Laser Printer PP 4060 allows cost-efficient high-speed printing in a very userfriendly way. In Two-Up Mode the printer performs up to 59 pages (A4) respectively 63 pages (letter) per minute.

The PP 4060 printer is designed for a heavy duty workload of 300,000 pages per month. Two independent tractor cassettes, the intelligent Paper Stacker, and the integrated cutting device provide the user with flexible paper management facilities.

Printing two-up on 18 inch wide media, the PP 4060 is perfectly suited for decentralized applications in network based environments such as banking, insurance, fulfillment services, and logistics. By means of exchangeable interface modules the PSi printers can be easily integrated into major host systems and network environments for business and industrial applications.

Also available as MICR version

The PP 4060 is also available as a MICR version with model description PP 4060MICR. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is used in french speaking countries as well as asian and american countries for personalisation of checks in the banking area.

The PP 4060MICR already includes the MICR Fonts E13B and CMC7 to simplify integration with applications.

Also available as IPDS version

The PP 4060IPDS is the ideal fanfold laser printer to replace laser or line printers in IBM® host system environments for applications where two-up mode or higher printing performance is required.

With the PP 4060IPDS, a powerful printing solution is available with which IPDS or optionally SCS/DCA, AFPDS print data can be output directly.

On the system side, the print data can be used unchanged and no adjustments in software or print management are necessary.

A web-based user interface allows a wide range of adjustments and control of the print applications.