Post Processing

Fanfold Laser Printer PP 4060 with HEFTER

The combination of the PSi fanfold laser printer PP 4060 with the modular Merger S 2051 and Burster M 3010 from Hefter is a system solution for continuous forms handling of midsize print volumes (approx. 300,000 pages/month).

Two independent fanfold tractor cassettes can be accessed alternatively. The PP 4060 prints the continuous forms in Two-Up-Mode (A4 and letter, in parallel) up to a paper width of 18 inch with a throughput of up to 63 sites per minute.

The Two-Up slalom printed webs are cut by the center slitter of the HEFTER online-merger S 2050 wich delivers them to the integrated burster M 3010.

The burster cuts the margin strips and seperates the webs along their horizontal perforation.

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